Mainstream Definitioner på engelska – 20-02-22

Mainstream Definitioner på svenska Ver 2.3

Mainstream List – 19-03-06

Kunskapslistan (KL) Ver 3.30 – 23-06-01

March 6, 2019

Mainstream List – Teaching Order

  1. Cloverleaf
  2. Turn Thru
  3. Eight Chain Thru /
    Eight Chain 1, 2, 3, Etc.
  4. Pass To The Center
  5. Thar Family
    a. Allemande Thar
    b. Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
    c. Wrong Way Thar
  6. Slip The Clutch
  7. Shoot The Star /
    Shoot The Star Full Around
  8. Single Hinge /
    Couples Hinge
  9. Centers In
  10. Cast Off 3/4
  11. Spin The Top
  12. Walk & Dodge
  13. Slide Thru
  14. Fold / Cross Fold
  15. Dixie Style To An Ocean Wave
  16. Spin Chain Thru
  17. Tag The Line Family
    a. Tag The Line
        (In, Out, Left, Right)
    b. Fraction (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) Tag
  18. Scoot Back
  19. Recycle (from a wave only)

Mainstream List – Alphabetical

  • 1/2 Tag
  • 1/4 Tag
  • 3/4 Tag
  • Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar
  • Allemande Thar
  • Cast Off 3/4
  • Centers In
  • Cloverleaf
  • Couples Hinge
  • Cross Fold
  • Dixie Style To An Ocean Wave
  • Eight Chain 1, 2, 3, Etc.
  • Eight Chain Thru
  • Fold
  • Pass To The Center
  • Recycle (from a wave only)
  • Scoot Back
  • Shoot The Star
  • Shoot The Star Full Around
  • Single Hinge
  • Slide Thru
  • Slip The Clutch
  • Spin Chain Thru
  • Spin The Top
  • Tag The Line (In, Out, Left, Right)
  • Turn Thru
  • Walk & Dodge
  • Wrong Way Thar

Callers are reminded to limit their calls to the advertised program. Calls from a list other than advertised should not be used unless they are walked through or workshopped first.

* Suggested Teaching Order.
Calls in italics may be deferred until later in the teaching sequence.
Recommended placement of some of these calls has been indicated with an asterisk.

CALLERLAB recommends that MAINSTREAM Program, calls 1-19, be taught in not less than 15 hours. CALLERLAB also recommends that calls be taught from more than a single position (formation and arrangement) and that styling and timing be included as part of the teaching program.

There is NO program called the Mainstream/Plus Program. No dancer is required to know Plus calls to attend a Mainstream open dance. Please advertise dance programs as Mainstream or Plus, NOT Mainstream/Plus.

These lists are furnished through the courtesy of CALLERLAB and your local CALLERLAB callers.