Plus Definitioner på engelska – 23-06-15

Plus Definitioner på svenska Ver 2.7

Plus List – 21-09-01

Kunskapslistan (KL) Ver 3.30 – 23-06-01

Revised September 1, 2021

Plus List – Teaching Order

  1. Acey Deucey
  2. Spin Chain The Gears
  3. Grand Swing Thru
  4. Triple Scoot
  5. Teacup Chain
  6. Ping Pong Circulate
  7. Load The Boat
  8. Peel Off
  9. Coordinate
  10. (Anything) AND Spread
  11. Track 2
  12. (Anything) AND Roll
  13. Follow Your Neighbor
  14. Fan The Top
  15. Dixie Grand
  16. Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears
  17. Explode The Wave
  18. Explode AND (Anything)
    (from waves only)
  19. Crossfire
  20. Relay The Deucey
  21. Linear Cycle (from waves only)
  22. Peel The Top
  23. Diamond Circulate
  24. Cut The Diamond
  25. Single Circle To A Wave
  26. Trade The Wave
  27. Flip The Diamond
  28. All 8 Spin The Top
  29. Chase Right

Plus List – Alphabetical Order

  • Acey Deucey
  • All 8 Spin The Top
  • (Anything) AND Roll
  • (Anything) AND Spread
  • Chase Right
  • Coordinate
  • Crossfire
  • Cut The Diamond
  • Diamond Circulate
  • Dixie Grand
  • Explode The Wave
  • Explode AND (Anything)
    (from waves only)
  • Fan The Top
  • Flip The Diamond
  • Follow Your Neighbor
  • Grand Swing Thru
  • Linear Cycle (from waves only)
  • Load The Boat
  • Peel Off
  • Peel The Top
  • Ping Pong Circulate
  • Relay The Deucey
  • Single Circle To A Wave
  • Spin Chain The Gears
  • Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears
  • Teacup Chain
  • Track 2
  • Trade The Wave
  • Triple Scoot

Callers are reminded to limit their calls to the advertised program. Calls from a list other than advertised should not be used unless they are walked through or workshopped first. If conducting a PLUS workshop, use only PLUS calls. If conducting a workshop for PLUS Dancers who want more, workshop should be labeled appropriately.

NOTE: the Plus Program is understood to include more creative use of the Mainstream moves from other than standard positions. For this reason, CALLERLAB recommends that the Plus Program calls be taught in not less than nineteen sessions of two hours each (total 38 hours).

These lists are furnished through the courtesy of CALLERLAB and your local CALLERLAB callers. Permission is granted to reproduce this data provided the following notice is included “Reprinted with permission of CALLERLAB.”